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We offer several types of inserts and many are in stock and available for order.

Grooving | Cut Off

We offer, but are not limited to, the following types of grooving inserts. 

- Top-Notch Style.

Grooving | Threading available. 

- TMNC | TMNA Style

On edge, grooving and threading. 

-Face Grooving

Face grooving done on Notch Style | TMNC | TMNA


We offer, but are not limited to, the following types of milling inserts: 

- TPG                                                                 - LNE

- SPGP                                                               - APKT


Spade Drill

Allied (TA) Style

Replaceable Spade Bits.                                - Made in M4/T15/M48 & C2/C3/C5 Carbide.


The following are made upon request: 


- Licensed | Proprietary Specials                  - TNMA NT Style

- STUB ACME                                                - 8RD, 10RD

- Internal | External

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