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Everything we make and send out, is the result of world class craftsmanship mixed with small town location. In each of our products, we guarantee satisfaction. 
Check out below the many types of products we create and assemble. 


We offer several types of cutting inserts and have become a leader in CBN and PCD indexable inserts. Our facility can accommodate small and large orders. We keep inserts in stock and ready to go.

Click below to check out our collection of inserts available for you to order. 

Round Tooling

We design and manufacture almost any specialty round tool and engineer custom cutters based on varying applications. 

Click on the button below to see the different types of round tooling we offer for your convenience. 

Tool Holders

We manufacture tool holders to provide the necessary means for turnkey solutions for your project.


We also get the job done by providing several ways to machine product and engineer special fixtures. If you have a custom project, we can help by offering the best valued solution. Our facility is ready to take on the challenge. 

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